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Founded in 2000, NetLink Systems is a leading information technology firm for small and medium sized businesses in the Chattanooga area that provides customized technology solutions to help other business owners save time and increase profits.

We do this by making sure the right hardware and software tools are in place and set up correctly. We also consider how additional software must tie-in to fit business needs.  And finally, we set up safeguards to catch the inevitable glitches that crop up in technology before they cause problems.

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Aaron is a computer network engineer and business consultant who is fascinated with the methodical and tailored application of technology to business needs. He is excited about the many ways people in business can benefit from technology and is dedicated to helping them get the best solutions.  In 2000, Aaron co-founded NetLink Systems, Inc. to serve that purpose.

Aaron earned his MBA at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a concentration in Information Systems Management.  In addition, he holds various technology-specific certifications.

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