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How We Work?

When you work with a computer networking company, you want more than just hardware.  You need someone who knows how your company should operate.  You need someone who understands issues you face daily.  You need someone who will make all your technology, both hardware and software work at its highest performance to save you time enabling you to earn more money.


“What is it like to work with NetLink Systems, Inc.?”

On this page we will tell you about the kind of experiences our clients have reported and give you a feel for our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we are different from other technical computer consulting companies.


“What results can I expect?”

When you work with NetLink Systems, Inc. you can expect that we will listen to you when you tell us what you need your computer systems to accomplish, where they fall short, and implement the best solution to achieve your goal.  When you work with NetLink Systems, Inc. you can expect us to maintain the proper functioning of your computer systems and network so that you can get back to the business tasks that are more rewarding for you.  When you work with NetLink Systems, Inc. you can expect that one of your greatest business assets, your data, will be properly managed, protected and secured from unauthorized access as well as from unforeseen disaster.


Guiding Beliefs, Values, and Philosophy

Profitability is not optional 

 You are in business to make a profit.  We work very closely with our clients to make sure that their computer network becomes a valuable business asset in helping you achieve your business goals.

Same attitude with each project 

 whether large or small our commitment remains solid to accomplish the intended goal for each client.

Technology should do the job the users demand 

 Your company does not exist in a vacuum and neither should your technology. Our philosophy is to aim for the best IT result for your company. Because we aim for the best quality, our computer service is not always the cheapest. You may have to increase your budget for IT in order to achieve the IT goals that are important to you. Conversely, the best IT arrangement is not necessarily the most expensive either. We have walked into companies who have already spent an inordinately large amount of money and only have a minimally functional arrangement of network devices and software.

Our Approach

Listed below are our basic approaches that are our foundation for working with our clients.

  • Two-way communication – Open dialogue is vital to success with our clients.  We  will listen when you communicate your needs throughout your relationship with us.  Further, we will give you the unvarnished information that you need without any “sugar coating.”

  • Flexibility of service modules – One size does not fit all. Though we could provide “cookie-cutter” solutions, we understand that not every business needs the same exact services from us. In keeping with this belief, our service modules will be tailored to your needs and goals for your company’s computer network.

  • Quick response is guaranteed – Nothing is more frustrating than working with a consultant who doesn’t respond to their phone calls or e-mails. Our guarantee is that we will respond to you within four hours.

  • Knowledge is power – Educating our clients about how to use the new aspects of their computer network and software is important to us. We believe that for you to see significant results, you must know how to operate the new solutions and processes right from the start. This results in reducing the learning curve as much as possible as well as reducing the amount of ongoing service time from us.

  • Collaboration is crucial – After the solutions are implemented, we are still available to listen to your evaluation of the result and to make any necessary adjustments.

Why we are different from the rest

Many computer networking companies have common skill sets.  With NetLink Systems, you don’t just get an IT technician; you also get someone with a Master’s degree in business administration.  What makes us different is that we ensure that how we help you with your computer network and other information technology is tailored to how you need to use the technology in your daily business.

Some companies will sell you the most expensive product and service for the sake of getting all the bells and whistles; and, of course, the largest profit margin for them–we don’t.  We look at what you want to accomplish with your computer systems.  We examine the computer hardware and software you currently have.  Our recommendations will come from the perspective of using the resources you have as a starting point, integrating and adding effective modifications that will help you reach your goals.

“Our firm got a referral to Aaron Craft, President of NetLink Systems, Inc. through another law office in Nashville.  We needed specific reports designed and set up for Timeslips, a piece of software we use for billing.  Aaron Craft completed the reports in a very short period of time.  He has remote access to our network.  We totally trusted him to work offsite.  It worked well for us because he could fix any problems we had without interruption to our office.  This solution was also cheaper for the firm.  I was most impressed with the short response time and the amount of detailed knowledge he has.  We already have computer technicians onsite, but Aaron Craft knows Timeslips backwards and forwards.”

Alice Oakley, Office Manager & Rochelle, McCulloch & Aulds

“Aaron Craft, President of NetLink Systems, Inc., was recommended to us by another firm.  When our relationship began, he handled the installation of Amicus Attorney on one attorney’s computer and one secretary’s computer.  Soon after, one more person was added.  Amicus Attorney then was integrated with other software.  From there, our relationship grew.  Our firm soon had about ten licenses of Amicus; which prompted us to then upgrade to a server-based version of Amicus software that integrated with Timeslips, which further improved our daily office functioning.  Over time, we kept expanding what Aaron was doing.  We had him reconfigure about 18 additional workstations and upon his recommendation, purchased a new server.  Aaron installed all of the additional equipment.  Later, when we made changes to our office space, he rewired the office and moved our entire network.  Also, he implemented high-end security solutions to protect our network which resolved serious spam and virus issues we had.  Our firm also asked him to work with us on secure wireless access and remote access to our network in addition to digital document imaging.   About two years into our relationship with NetLink Systems, our firm realized that we needed a monthly contract to cover the average time we needed his help.   Our arrangement works well because it simplifies the way we work together and saves even more money for our firm.     Simply put, I knew when I called Aaron Craft, he would answer the phone.  I cannot tell you how critical his responsiveness is to the productivity of this firm.  Aaron also has the credentials that give me confidence in his knowledge base.  We have a strong trust in Aaron and his company.  We know that with any information technology issues we have, we can rely on the knowledge that they will be resolved quickly and thoroughly.    As a partner, I am very personally invested in the success of this firm.  So it means a great deal when I say that Aaron has access to our computer network that even I don’t have!  My trust is exemplified in the fact that I leave passwords with him that I would not leave with anyone else in the world.  Aaron is tuned in to how our office operates and is extremely sensitive to our need for confidentiality.   Our firm’s relationship with NetLink Systems, Inc. keeps expanding because we are more productive and more profitable with each new stage of growth.  NetLink Systems, Inc. is an excellent business.  For any IT needs we have, we look to Aaron Craft and his company for the right answers.   An estimate of my productivity increase alone has saved us about $5,000 a month.  I recouped about 10 percent more of my billable time, of what would otherwise be time spent on IT issues.  That saves our firm about $60,000 a year. And for a small firm, that is quite a bit of money.  He lets me spend my time doing what is more profitable for me.  And that means I am able to focus my time and attention upon my clients.  What is more, I can’t even quantify the peace of mind that Netlink Systems provides.  There is no dollar amount that can be put on that.   We are trying to improve constantly.  So, NetLink Systems, Inc. has become an integral part of our practice.   The only way I could give a higher endorsement is if Aaron and his company worked for free!”

Barry Gold | McWilliams and Gold

“The purpose of our contacting Aaron Craft was that we utilized the Timeslips program for several years without ever having had any training.  Several problems came up.  In one day, he streamlined our processes and made our processes so much faster.  Our assistants use this software daily, so it was important that they knew all the features the software offered.  Using NetLink Systems for training and customization cut our billing time in half on a monthly basis.”

Julie Boswell | Thrailkill, Harris, Wood & Boswell

“Netlink Systems has helped us for about 3 years ranging from recovering our information from the complete crash of our server, to working out software issues.  He customized the billing allocation program attributable our attorneys; and refined the financial processes involved with the practice of law.  Aaron Craft is our “go-to guy”.  His expertise has literally decreased our “hair-pulling” over computer problems.  For a law practice to run well it involves the use of computer systems.  The bottom line is that we can, as attorneys, focus more on the practice of law now instead of focusing on computer and office operation issues.”

Mike Jennings | Samples, Jennings, Ray & Clem

“As an office manager, it is my responsibility to deliver information to the attorneys in our firm.  In the past, I faced real challenges retrieving information and reports out of the computer system.  We approached other information technology companies, but they lacked the knowledge to truly understand the problem, much less resolve it—which really put me up against a wall!  NetLink Systems’ President, Aaron Craft possesses a depth of knowledge of how law firms operate.  This enabled him to come up with creative and practical solutions that the other companies were unable to do.  I have recommended him highly to other law firms and will continue to do so.  He is brilliant!”

Vicki Scruggs, Office Manager | Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC

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