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Typically, our clients are very dedicated to their respective businesses.  They often put in quite a bit of time and effort to increase the company’s bottom line.  They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field and rely heavily on their computer networks to deliver the services they provide.   What they do not possess is the expertise or desire to repair, overhaul, or maintain their computer networks.

As a small business owner, do you grapple with these problems?

  • “ I am looking for ways to increase my firm’s bottom line while spending less time managing office functions.”

  • “I am fed up with wasting time and energy trying to get our computer network to function properly, only to find that the result falls far short of my expectations.”

  • “I am worried about how to manage our data.  I use tape drives now, but what if there’s a disaster and the data is lost?  Certainly there has to be some way to ensure data protection and privacy.”

  • “We have been frustrated with other computer networking companies who don’t “get” how we need our technology to work.  They all sounded good at first, but the setup was all wrong for our daily usage.”

Given the above, we work with people who fit the following criteria:

  • Are willing to communicate openly about how they presently function and the problems that they want to solve

  • Understand that computer information technology is a powerful business asset, not just a “necessary evil”

  • Want the best use of their computer information technology assets

  • Want and need their computer network to be tailored to their needs

  • Realize that the highest quality of IT service available is not always the cheapest option.

  • Who are willing to keep their data and network safe by looking at the long-term benefits of IT management services to their company and plan accordingly.

If you can relate to the above, we can work with you.

Now that you know about the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help resolve, and what our clients need to do make their information technology assets work for them, click below to learn about How We Work.

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